Hi! I'm an East Coast-born San Franciscan who enjoys...

  • Exploring communities—how they can be characterized, how their members engage with them, how they choose to represent themselves to outsiders, and how they cross between the physical and the digital worlds
  • Making connections that didn't previously exist
  • Moving through Golden Gate Park on foot, by bike, behind a camera [phone] or not
  • Creating low-brow animations
  • Imagining that I'll someday publish all of the half-finished pages for this site I have tucked away in Squarespace
  • Connecting with you!

In pursuit of eclectic interests across technology, art, media, and people, over the course of the last decade I have worked in a variety of roles at Hustle, the Nevada Democratic Party/Hillary for America, Faith in Action’s work for Measure Q in San Mateo,  Indiegogo, KabamPisco Sin Fronteras, Xobni, 826 Valencia, Milk + Honey/Sukkat ShalomStarbucks, Venables Bell & PartnersNew Line Cinema, and Pomona College.

I'm always interested in discussing new projects, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.